We offer hikes for all levels. Rating levels and entry hikes have been established to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all the hikers. 

Hiking Days & Times

Hikes typically depart in the mornings. Return time is dependent on hike distance and location.

Sign Up & Fees

Sign up and payment for hikes will be held the first Monday of each month at Frank O'Brien Papen Community Center. Fees vary according to hike location but typically range from $5 to $20.

Upcoming Hikes

October 3rd: Thursday. Dripping Springs.  Easy 3.5 mile out and back trail.  Picnic at historic ruins. Departs from Meerscheidt at 8:00 am. Pack a lunch and water.  Cost $5.00 

October 8th: Tuesday. Upper Wills Canyon and Hubbell Canyon Loop, Cloudcroft NM. Difficult+ due to length and starting elevation of 9200 feet. 6.7 miles. This trail varies in elevation from 9550 to 8750 feet. Not recommended for those with elevation difficulties. Pack a lunch plus two liters of water. Departing Meerscheidt at 7:30 am. Cost $15.00

October 17th: Thursday. Soledad Canyon. Easy+ 3.5 mile loop trail. Some switchbacks with some loose footing. Departs from Meerscheidt at 8:00 am. Cost $5.00

October 24th: Thursday. Branson Canyon. Moderate due to obstacles, sand and exposure- up to 5.5 miles with 200 feet elevation gain. Sandy arroyos, a few big steps and maneuvering of small natural obstacles. Pack a lunch and two liters of water. Departs from Meerscheidt at 8:00 am. Cost $5.00