Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Data

Using ESRI Business Analyst, City of Las Cruces staff is able to perform customized research for qualified economic-base industries. ESRI Business Analyst combines demographic and business data, detailed maps, and advanced spatial analytics to help us answer the “where” questions for prospective industries.

The ESRI data presented here are the Executive Summary and Business Summary reports for the City of Las Cruces. The reports include historical and projected data on:

  • Businesses by NAICS Codes
  • Businesses by SIC Codes
  • Households 2000 to 2020
    • Average Household Income 2015 to 2020
    • Households by Income
    • Median Household Income 2015 to 2020
    • Per Capita Income 2015 to 2020
  • Housing 2000 to 2020
  • Population
    • Population 2000 – 2020
    • Population by Education
    • Race and Ethnicity 2015