Preserving Our History

The City of Las Cruces values our history and culture, and encourages those who are repairing or rehabilitating their own historic properties to do so in a way that protects the integrity of the property.

Benefits of Historic Preservation

The recent rehabilitation projects at the Rio Grande Theatre, Phillips Chapel, and Nestor Armijo house, are excellent examples of the community benefits of historic preservation, including:

  • Enhanced civic pride and neighborhood identity
  • Marketable commercial value of historic properties and district
  • Recognition that the accomplishments and challenges faced by earlier residents may be relevant now and in the future
  • Stabilized, and in some cases, increased, property values
  • Unique and engaging sites or districts for visitors to appreciate and enjoy

Historic Buildings in Las Cruces

The vast majority of historic properties are located downtown or the Mesquite, Alameda Depot, and Mesilla Park Historic Districts. Over 1,000 buildings and structures are listed on the State Register of Cultural Properties or the National Register of Historic Places.

For more information, email David Weir or email Armando Morales.

Phillips Chapel Rehabilitation Completed in 2013

Workers Re-Finishing the Outside of Phillips Chapel