Educational Resources for Kids

  • EPA Water Kids: A website where you can find projects, art, and experiments that involve kids and students with environmental protection. This site is sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • EPA WaterSense Kids: Is a fun and educational website for kids, teachers and adults who want to learn about water and how to protect it. This site is sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense program.
  • Project Wet: Is a worldwide non-profit organization that dedicates itself to providing water education to children, parents, teachers, and community members of the world. Las Cruces Utilities is now a Project Wet Coordinator. Call 575-528-3549 to set up Project Wet Activities for your grades.
  • Tip Tank Game: Several fun interactive games that teach kids how to save water. Sponsored by Water Use-It-Wisely.

More resources for educators can be found on the Office of the State Engineer website in the Water Use and Conservation section.