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Posted on: March 27, 2020

JIC Notes March 27, 2020


COVID19 Joint Information Center 

March 27, 2020 10:00 a.m.  

  1. City of Anthony 

Police chief: had calls related to the public health order, violating. Designated one officer ro answer those calls. City operations continue to be shut down  

  1. City of Sunland Park 

Operations are same as yesterday. Prior to legal vetting, will be pushing out Vulnerable Population Registry, so citizens can self-register and be identified for priority service in the event of an emergency.  Form was developed to assist citizens who need emergency power, other assistance. Will continue to use this system moving forward. Implementing GIS mapping for long-term response to emergencies. Hugo: Smart911 system also asks similar questions and information creates profile for at-risk population that is shared with OEM. Jamie (Doña Ana County): reminded everyone of the Smart911 system, and how helpful both systems can be in an emergency. There’s an app also to create a profile. ALERTME911 to 99411.  

  1. City of Las Cruce 

      The City Council met for a special meeting at 9:30 this morning. 

As of this call they are currently meeting and in discussion to give the city council the authority to declare an emergency, thus giving them the ability to dedicate resources to respond to that emergency.  

Those resources could include financial, personnel, curfews, etc. 

video link is: 



  1. Las Cruces Police Department  

No update today.  

  1. Las Cruces Public Schools 

      Today, governor will announce extended closure. Pushing through remote learning, will begin ramping up how teachers will balance new directive from PED and how to make learning accessible for all. 


  1. Doña Ana County 

  • Working with Mr. Macias to record PSA. Will also be addressing gaps in funding for emergency situations and where to allocate money for that – senior meals, or other over-burdened areas.  


  1. Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office 

Operations remain the same as yesterday. Emphasizing that law enforcement is not affecting traffic stops for the sole purpose of enforcement of Public Health Order. There seems to be some misinformation about that on social media. Any effort to reduce that misconception is appreciated.  

NM Supreme Court issued a directive that law enforcement can now call-in on Google Meet and are longer required to make in-person appearances at Magistrate Court in compliance with health directiveThe documents are attached for reference, with corresponding numbers. For District Court: all officers are screened prior to entry. Hearings are now done via video, limiting public access. The courts are asking that the public stay home and only those with business at the court be inside the building.   

  1. Village of Hatch 

The following was sent via email from David Sment:  

The Village of Hatch offices are closed until further notice. The same for the library, dmv and museum. Planning and Zoning dept. Is also closed. The police dept. is working their regular hours. I have been out for two weeks now, but I check in with the Clerk on a weekly basis.  

  1. Town of Mesilla 

Nothing new to report, staying safe under order.   

  1. Memorial Medical Center 

Had a busy week, but today they are holding their own  

  1. Mountain View Regional Medical Center 

The hospital is working with Vitalant to host a blood drive at the senior center Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In compliance with social distancing, the drive will be done by appointment only. Flyer is attached to the notes for anyone wanting to share this information. Kelly will send out to the media.  

Here’s the link for anyone who would like to participate or share: 


  1. New Mexico State University 

Classes start Monday, all online. Campus has been busy getting prepared for that.     

  1. New Mexico State University Police  

Question for OEM: was there an update on the priority for LE testing? Jamie (DAC) asked if facilities are still available for self-quarantine. Electronic Caregiver is an available resource to install remote health monitoring. Service assists with basic health monitoring.   

  1. Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 

Will be connecting elected officials to JIC notes to keep them informed through JIC process. City is looking into other resources to help the homeless population. There was also a correction on the number to report non-compliance with public health order. To report violations, please call 1-833-551-0518, option 9.    

  1. Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility 

As of Friday, nothing new other than screening is taking place for all persons coming into the facility (deliveries)  

  1. State of NM Aging & Long-Term Illness 

Nursing Home Association is now helping to get more tablets into facilities to assist in communications with family members. Working on procedures for residents to get tested – more info on Monday. 

  1. Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority (MVRDA) 

There is a contingency plan in place to use mobile communication vehicles in the event of a quarantine, or worst-case scenario. Example: if someone on a current shift as symptomatic, that shift would quarantine at MVRDA. Would have the ability to operate dispatchers from those vehicles  

  1. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, El Paso Sector 

Border Patrol is operating normally. Discussing adding personnel. No staff reporting symptoms or detainees.  

  1. New Mexico Department of Health 

      No report Thursday.   

      *Please note that David Morgan, the PIO for the local DOH office, is working between Santa Fe and Las Cruces, coordinating media and PR for the state DOH and the Office of the Governor. Because of those priorities, he is not always available to be on the call.  

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