Golden Shield Yard Assistance

Golden Shield Yard AssistancePartnered with the Senior Programs, Codes offers assistance for seniors in our community with light yard maintenance. This program is designed to assist seniors that own a residence and currently lives there and requires maintaining the yard with overgrown vegetation, weeds, and trash. The actual labor is provided by volunteers such as:

  • Church Groups
  • JCC
  • Juvenile Citation Program
  • Juvenile Drug Court
  • School Organizations

We also utilize those that are court ordered to complete Community Service from the local courts. All community service provided is monitored by Codes Officers.

Criteria for Receiving Assistance

  • Currently, own the residence they reside
  • Have some mental or physical disability
  • Must be 60 years or older
  • Own only 1 residence
  • Reside in the City limits

Yard Assistance Referral

A Yard Assistance Referral (PDF) will need to be completed. A Codes officer would conduct a small interview to determine the criteria along with accessing the work required. Once it is determined that the requester meets the criteria, the property is assessed to determine the type of work is required, the number of volunteers needed as well as any special equipment needed. The applicant is then placed on a re-occurring list to receive the assistance. The list is generally on a rotation although the amount of volunteers and work required helps determine the order of competition.

More Information

To request more information about this program, please contact Jesus Aguirre Number 448 at 575-528-4100 or email to Senior Yard Assistance.