District 1 - Kasandra A. Gandara


Education & Employment

Kasandra A. Gandara was born in Silver City, New Mexico where she began her social work career after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from New Mexico State University (NSMU) in 1989. She has spent the last 25 years living and working in the Las Cruces community with both the State of New Mexico’s Department of Health and its Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD).

During her service with CYFD, Kasandra returned to NMSU for her graduate degree in Social Work that she received in 2013. Kasandra is now retired from the State of New Mexico. In her 27 plus years serving the State of New Mexico, she has served in many social work roles including: Agency Administrator, Case Worker, Community Leader, Medical Case Manager, Program Specialist and Social Work Supervisor and Manager.

City Council

Kasandra was elected as councilor for City Council District 1 in November 2015. In the last year, she has organized several district meetings to educate and inform her constituents about the City’s activities as it relates to Downtown and the historic districts, and she hopes to help organize her district into small neighborhood support teams to effect positive change.

Personal Life

She is a mother to two children - her son Bryan, an Armed Services Veteran, and her daughter Elena, a medical school student at the University of New Mexico.

City Charter Section 2.04 General Powers and Duties

All powers of the city shall be vested in the council, except as otherwise provided by law or this Charter, and the council shall provide for the exercise thereof and for the performance of all duties and obligations imposed on the city by law.

Disclosure Statement

2010 District 1 Census

Public Conversation Series

The public is invited to participate in a three-part event series of facilitated conversations focused on public safety, the judicial and legal systems, and available community support resources in July and August.  The events include 

PANEL 2: Law

6:00 p.m. Tuesday, August 10, Las Cruces Home Builders Association Event Hall, 2825 N. Main St.

This event features a panel discussion among judicial officials, representatives from the Dona Ana County District Attorney’s Office, and other legal officials.

PANEL 3: Community Resources

6:00 p.m. Tuesday, August 10, Las Cruces Home Builders Association Event Hall, 2825 N. Main St.

This event features a panel discussion with community social service agencies.

Campo Street Reconstruction Follow-Up Meeting

Thursday, August 19

5:30 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

Register here

The project area is bounded by East Picacho Avenue/Spruce Avenue and East Amador Avenue and is in City Council District 1. Campo Street is a transition corridor where the Mesquite Historic District meets Downtown. This poses unique and challenging opportunities to blend in the two distinct characters into a single corridor. The purpose of this project is to obtain input from community members most impacted by the project to help develop a feasible corridor design that helps incorporate all modes of transportation while providing a seamless transition from the Mesquite Historic District to Downtown.