Geometric Aljamia

This exhibition is a cross-cultural collaboration that addresses how Medieval connections between the Islamic world and Europe during the Golden Age of the Islamic Civilization (8th Century-13th Century) continue to be relevant and vibrant in the 21st Century. 

The exhibit features six international artists: Mohammad Saleh Amin, Jorge Benitez, Reni Gower, Hanane Korchi, Tamim Sahebzada, and Julia Townsend. The exhibit’s goal is to compare the way visual arts are seen in Islamic and Western cultures in order to reveal overlapping historical and cultural connections and to show that there are fundamental traits common among all cultures, objects, and beings. By better understanding, the arts as a transliteration of one form of thinking to another and addressing fundamental patterns embedded in visual art, "Geometric Aljamía" revisits the continued impact of Islamic art, science, and philosophy throughout the world.  

Geometric designs