Are You With Me?

Sonya Fe

May 7 -July 24, 2021

At first glance, one is struck by the unexpected beauty and vibrancy of Sonya Fe’s work. The surface is luminous even in the paintings with the darkest of colors. The application of the paint is thick yet transparent. While her artwork is vibrant and beautiful, it also has soul and meaning. More than outlining a form and filling it with color, Fe’s work communicates pain and humor. 

Sonya Fe began painting as a child. At a young age, and with the encouragement of her parents and seven siblings, Fe would draw with chalk and crayons on the cement floor of her home. Each night a new masterpiece was created and then mopped clean by her mother. At age 13, Sonya won her first art scholarship to attend a summer program at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. Fe then went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in art at the Art Center College of Design (ACDD) in Pasadena, California. There she learned technique, how to mix colors, and how to work as an artist but not how to paint with soul and meaning. Fe’s goal was to convey her thoughts and feelings with each painting. She has since been able to master and channel her thoughts and feeling to each piece of work and has become a notable artist in the Chicano Art Movement.

Sonya Fe has helped with the restoration of the Great Wall of Los Angeles, a 1976 mural designed by muralist Judith Baca that depicts the full history of Los Angeles. Fe has also been exhibited in many galleries and museums across the United States. Fe’s work can be found in numerous private and public collections including CCH Pounder Collection, Cheech Marin Collection, and the Smithsonian Institute.  

painting of a girl in pink communion dress.

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